Quality Management

  • Quality Policy

  • Environmental Policy

  • Occupational Safety & Health Policy

  • Labor & Ethics Policy

  • Communication for Management Policy

Quality Policy

Surpass the Industry Benchmark, and Build An International Quartz Brand with High Recognition and Reliability from Customer


Environmental Policy

Law-biding, Eco-friendly, Cost Saving, Continuous Improvement and Sustainable Development


Occupational Safety & Health Policy

Safety First, People Oriented; Eliminate Potential Hazards, Continuous Improvement


Labor & Ethics Policy

No Discrimination, Protect Human Rights; Operate with Integrity, Develop for Win-Win.


Communication for Management Policy

The management policy is delivered to our employees in workplace or other staff (including temporary staff and contractors), visitors or other personnel through meetings, bulletin boards, training, etc, and while to the public through brochures, website, signs etc.


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